Data Management Platform

Transform Your Data Into Actionable Audiences

Audience Data Management

In one consolidated view, marketers can access all of their marketing data to build and refine key target audiences for numerous campaign scenarios. This includes:

  • 1st Party Data: Basically, your data — what you collect on proprietary assets, or contained in enterprise systems.
  • 2nd Party Data: Someone else’s first-party data, often shared with you by another company in a mutually beneficial relationship.
  • 3rd Party Data: Consolidated from websites and social media platforms other than your own, pre-integrated into the platform.

Data Activation

DMP is fully integrated with other marketing solutions & platforms, and has pre-integrated partnerships with leading global media and advertising partners to allow for immediate and a truly agnostic opportunity to target audiences across channels, and do through numerous activation partnerships from Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) to publishers.

Audience Analytics

DMP provides a visualized analytics experience to allow marketers the ability to analyze and predict success based on the data they’ve selected and audiences targeted.

Audience Data Marketplace

With many branded data providers for 3rd party data, marketers have access to  millions of anonymous customer profiles and data attributes. DMP can power the activation of all of this marketplace data in real-time, at global scale.