Digital Analytics

Near real-time digital analytics for better marketing insights

As the digital marketing landscape become more dynamic, it is critical that marketers use data-driven insights to best optimize their marketing investments. We unleash the power of the analytics solution to help companies improve site performance and connect more directly with their current and prospective customers.

We provide value realization engagements focused on profiling and segmenting target audiences to optimize multi-channel marketing initiatives. These experiences align with key business challenges related to improving site traffic conversions, identifying product affinity patterns, and influencing purchase decisions across multiple platforms simultaneously.

Gap Analysis

We will provide vertical-specific expertise in identifying implementation gaps of vertical fundamental optimizations solutions.

Measurement Strategy

Using industry best practices, we will Interview key stakeholders, enhance measurement strategy, and provide an optimization roadmap.

KPI Dashboard

After completion of solution deployment and audit, we will provide visually rich, trended dashboards customized to customer needs and deliver recommendations on actions from KPI data.

Deep-dive Analysis

We will provide vertical-specific expertise to identify opportunities for business improvement within the client data. These projects will identify selected high-yield areas of focus and will be tied to key performance indicators of the business.

Predictive Analysis

We will use predictive analytics to shift from relying solely on historical descriptive analytics to making decisions based on actionable foresight.

Campaign Governance

We will work with the client to establish a Campaign Governance Process, this will provide the capability to standardize the tracking, reporting and benchmarking of campaigns across multiple channels.

Digital Governance

We will work with the client to establish a Governance Process, to highlight opportunities and need for resourcing, training and best practice information sharing. This will deliver improved productivity, more effective resource allocation and the advancement of the client in becoming a data driven organization.

Social Media

We will work with clients to develop a solution to monitor the level of engagement and market share on their social media activities, whether this be through Facebook fan pages, connect, apps, Twitter or YouTube.

Retainer Consulting

We provide on-demand, highly skilled yet affordable resource to maximize the use of reporting and analysis platform. In addition, this resource would augment the clients’ analytics function.

Training & Enablement

Fast track organizations to become data driven by lifting the level of internal skills. We will work with nominated resources to coach and mentor them in delivering insight and actionable recommendations to the organization.

We work on industry leading analytics solutions...